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Your Future Clients & Customers Are Trying To Find You & Apple ISN’T The Only Spot They Are Looking

You’re Smart For Caring About Apple Business Connect But, Let's Talk About Google...

You Want To Be Found, No Matter What, Right?

But Most Business Owners Are Surprised To Learn That

If Your Customers Are Not Physically Close To Your Location, They Might NOT Find You In Google 🤯

The search results YOU see in Google ARE NOT what other people see.

Depending on where you are when you do your search, the results will be different.

It begs the question…

How can people find your business if they are not physically near it?

Geo Grid: Where Is YOUR Business Showing Up In Google Search?

Take a look at this example “geo grid”…

This graphic shows what position a business shows up in Google search results depending on where the search physically happened.

Can you take a wild guess where this business is physically located??

It’s in the center where the green is!

What’s crazy is most business owners wrongly think they are ranking well


The reality is they aren’t showing up anywhere else!

There are lots of potential customers in the “red” that will never find this business.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can fix this.

YES! This Is What Your "Geo Grid" SHOULD Look Like!

(When You Are Showing Up In All The Places Your Customers Are Searching For You)

If You Want To Be Sure You're Showing Up...

You've Got 2 Options:

The Hard Way

  • Drive All Over Town Doing Searches

  • Call Friends to ask them to search

  • Ignore the problem and hope it goes away

The Right Way

  • Have me run a geo grid report on your business location (see below)

Would You Like Me To Run This Exact “Geo Grid” Report On Your Business For Free?

Let me show you how your business is showing up in different parts of town without you having to drive all over the place to figure this out on your own! This information is so valuable and I'll build you a report that's custom to your business for free.

What? Free? Why??

Yes, free. No strings attached.

Why? I believe in providing value in advance. We’ve found that the more free value we provide to people the more likely it is that they refer us to others as well as consider hiring us. So, that’s why I want to do this. you. Seriously, I love this stuff and can’t wait to share it with you.

Sure, you could drive all around town and check, but why don’t you just let me run your business through my software right now?

Get your free geo grid report and I’ll get you the results.

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